18K Gold

Symbol of power for the house Motché, gold rapidly established itself as a fetish material to create inalienable jewelry endowed with fortunate influence and extraordinary powers.

In a spirit of research which is both mystical and contemporary, the pattern of spots embossed on this tubular ring evokes the sparkling shape of the Sun while the silky-smooth to the touch of gold leafs remind the goldsmith’s expertise of ancient Peru.

Sensual and sparkling, this Fetish ring makes the daily lives shining.


  • Ring in 18 carat RECYCLED GOLD
  • Lengh: 2 cm
  • Exclusively handcrafted at the Motché workshop in Peru by dedicated artisans
  • Production time: 6 hours

This ring is stamped with the quality mark "18K" & the Motché's hallmark.

The jewelry comes in a luxury case & Certificate of Authenticity.


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